Free Dark Web Monitoring Stamps the $17 Million Credentials Markets

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The Risk Behind Compromised credentials

According to, small businesses are in a new era of cyberattacks. Recent reports show a 434 percent uptick in hacks on unexpecting establishments, with 42 percent of them closing their doors after the dreaded data breach. The news headlines are riddled with tales of the latest cyber-attacks on big business. Whether the Target hack that left millions of faithful customers open to credit card fraud or the ransom attack on Colonial Pipeline that brought this major gas pipeline to a standstill, digital thieves declared an all-out war on data security. Still, with the next generation of cybersecurity tools and specialists on the hunt, businesses are adopting new techniques to protect their data.

While the big boys weather the storm, many smaller enterprises and municipalities fall prey to ransom demands climbing in the millions. Industry leaders are turning to for cybersecurity expertise. This “Dark Web Monitoring” platform keeps an eye on the bad guys operating in shady places like black market sites, P2P networks, hidden chat rooms, botnets, and private websites.”

Free Dark Web monitoring For Business

Scan the DarkWeb 24/7 and stay one step ahead.

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81 percent of hacking-related breaches leverage stolen or weak passwords that are often exposed in the DarkWeb and then used by cyber criminals to access employee accounts in enterprise applications. This strategy is especially effective considering that roughly 72 percent of people reuse one or two passwords everywhere. aims to protect businesses from the dangers of the DarkWeb by scanning the darkest places of the internet 24×7, alerting and taking action when potentially dangerous information is found so that preventive actions are taken. InsecureWeb watches for relevant information, credentials, vulnerabilities and indicators of ongoing or future attacks to keep organizations one step ahead. More than 20 Billion records have been collected historically and millions are added every day.

White hat experts are essential in this new cybersecurity era. Millions of confidential database records are exposed and traded daily, and to the right hacker, it is a treasure trove of information. A nimble and proficient defense system can not only monitor the systems for vulnerabilities and alert users, but it stops malicious actors before they can do any damage.

The Cost of Dark Web monitoring for business

According to a Deloitte study, the average company spends up to 14 percent of the annual IT budget staving off cybersecurity threats. Still, even with that investment, some businesses have fallen prey to hackers to the tune of millions in loss and revenue and irreparable damage to their brand name. has a better way forward by securing ecosystems with their proprietary cyber security system that thwarts the criminal plans to use weak or lessened passwords or confidential data often found on the DarkWeb.

DarkWeb monitoring for businesses are usually expensive with an average annual cost of 30 to 50 thousand dollars. Thus making this essential solution not affordable for many organizations with limited cybersecurity budget. InsecureWeb free plan enables real-time monitoring for up to five different elements: emails, domains, IPs, user names and phone numbers. Get started today and protect your business and clients by creating an account and signing up for the free plan.

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