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Dark Web Monitoring as a Sales Tool for Security Services Providers and MSSPs to Help Close New Deals 

Just imagine that you scan a potential customer “examplecompany.com” and find a ton of their confidential information and employee credentials on the DarkWeb. Would they consider hearing more about your services if you let them know?

Dark web monitoring is an effective and cost-efficient way for security service providers and MSSPs to monitor their clients’ presence on the dark web and prevent hacking. By monitoring their exposure to the dark web and by exposing any dark web security vulnerabilities via a regular reporting mechanism, service providers can confidently pitch the latest cyber threats to their customers.

According to techjury.net, the Dark Web will be 6% of the Internet market share in 2022.

Since the dark web has grown in popularity over the last several years, it is no longer a platform only criminals use. Instead, businesses also use these portals to explore and watch new competitors. With the rise in the importance of dark web monitoring services, it can be a valuable sales tool for security providers.

Why is Dark Web Monitoring Essential For Security Services Providers?

With the rise of Dark Web monitoring, there has been a lot of discussion about what it is and why it’s important to security service providers. If you’re unfamiliar with the Dark Web, it refers to websites only accessible via specific software or networks.

The dark web is simply a collection of websites that are not visible to search engines and cannot be found through traditional means. The dark web is where individuals can carry out illegal activities online, such as buying and selling drugs, weapons, and other items, without fear of being caught.

MSSPs use dark web monitoring to monitor activity and identify potential threats. These companies will also use this data to provide their clients with relevant information about potential risks within their network.

MSPs Trust Dark Web Monitoring

Dark web monitoring has quickly become an essential part of security operations for MSPs, showing how their customers are affected by cybercrime and helping them get better protection. More than half of IT decision-makers said they would pay more for proactive threat intelligence in their next service contract.

SSPs Must Ensure Their Customers Are Protected From Cyberthreats

SSPs must protect their clients from potential threats to retain and grow their customer base. This means keeping up-to-date with the latest malware threats, vulnerabilities and exploits by monitoring the dark web regularly to catch any signs of malicious activity before it happens.

Fastest ROI

Dark web monitoring provides fast results that lead to better decisions. This is especially true for security services providers (SSPs) who have limited resources and need immediate visibility into emerging threats. Dark web monitoring allows you to identify threats before they spread or become widespread enough to impact your clients or business operations.

Affordable Protection and Show Value

In addition to providing fast results, dark web monitoring shows value quickly by providing insight into what’s happening on the Internet today and in the past. With this information, SSPs can show how they’re protecting their customers’ assets while demonstrating their cybersecurity expertise — something that’s hugely important when trying to win new business or retain existing customers.

Dark Web Monitoring as a Sales Tool

Sales demonstrations

Insecureweb.com provides a platform that allows security service providers to close more deals by allowing to perform “on-demand” searches that can be used for quick sales demonstrations. At the same time, its API can be used to reach out to more prospects automatically by using data available in their CRM system. It also provides them with an easy way to keep track of all the mitigation steps across multiple data breaches in one place.


The whitelabel features combined with custom SMTP, branding and CNAME allow the MSP offer a personalized experience to their customers that will make them feel like they are using an in-house developed system.

PII And Proprietary Information

InsecureWeb allows Security Services Providers and MSSPs to detect exposed credentials on websites they protect. The solution provides visibility into the top sites with exposed credentials and alerts them of any changes in the status of their customers’ websites. This helps them close deals with new customers while providing a competitive edge over existing ones.

Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing

Roughly 80% of attacks on web applications leverage stolen credentials. Dark web monitoring can mitigate this by alerting when credentials are found on the Dark Web and taking preventive measures.

Social Engineering

81% of hacking-related breaches leverage stolen or weak passwords. Similarly, a dark web monitoring service helps protect employees’ credentials that may be exposed.