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Data Breach Summary

On May 5, 2023, InsecureWeb detected a data breach on Yahoo!, where ttooppaazz had leaked the yahoovoice_leak. The breach compromised 4.34 MB of sensitive data, including the voice data of some Yahoo! users. The stolen information was posted for sale on the HydraMarket website, a popular dark web forum where hackers often sell stolen data.

While the amount of data stolen in this breach is relatively small, the compromised voice data could still be used for malicious purposes, such as voice phishing or identity theft.

InsecureWeb scanning tools were able to detect the stolen data and notify Yahoo! of the breach, allowing them to take immediate action to protect their users’ information. Yahoo! has assured their users that they have taken all necessary steps to secure their data and prevent further breaches from occurring.

Data breaches like these serve as a reminder of the constant threat of cyber attacks and the importance of investing in robust security measures to protect sensitive information. Companies like Yahoo! must prioritize their own security measures and stay vigilant against potential threats to prevent data breaches and protect their users’ information from falling into the wrong hands.

The detection of the Yahoo! data breach by InsecureWeb highlights the importance of monitoring the dark web for potential threats. With the increasing sophistication of cyber attacks, it is crucial for companies to invest in advanced security measures and stay vigilant against potential threats to protect their customers’ and users’ information.

Where and How?

The breach was found on the HydraMarket website, a dark web forum where hackers often post stolen data for sale. Ttooppaazz, a notorious hacker known for selling stolen data on the dark web, was responsible for the breach. The compromised information included the voice data of some Yahoo! users.

A Screenshot of the data can be found below:


Company Data Breach History

Yahoo! has experienced several data breaches in the past, including a massive breach in 2013 that compromised the personal information of all three billion of its users. Since then, Yahoo! has taken steps to improve its security protocols and prevent future breaches. This site is working with cybersecurity experts to further investigate the incident and is taking steps to strengthen its security measures in order to prevent similar breaches from occurring in the future.

Recommendations for Personal Data Protection

How Users Can Protect Their Information

To protect their personal information and accounts from being compromised, users should take the following steps:

– Change their passwords frequently, with a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

– Enable two-factor authentication whenever possible.

– Use unique passwords for each account, to prevent hackers from accessing multiple accounts with the same password.

– Be cautious of suspicious emails or messages, as they may contain phishing links that can compromise their accounts.

– Regularly monitor their accounts for any suspicious activity.

What is InsecureWeb?

InsecureWeb is a Dark Web monitoring service that keeps track of recent data breaches and tracks their impact by monitoring the darkest places of the internet. InsecureWeb notifies users and enterprises when their data has been found online and helps them mitigate the impact.