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Data Breach Summary

In a recent alarming revelation, InsecureWeb has unearthed a disconcerting security breach on, signaling the constant vigilance required in an era rife with digital vulnerabilities. The breach, a sinister incursion that transpired on September 1, 2023, was brought to light through our vigilant efforts. A minute yet sensitive dataset, encompassing a mere 84 bytes, including emails, was stealthily extracted by an entity known as Ninja Defender.

Where and How?

This breach transpired within the secretive realm of chat apps, nestled precariously on the widely-used platform Ninja Defender, the elusive perpetrator, meticulously navigated the intricate web of vulnerabilities to access the database.

The compromised information, though seemingly insignificant in size, embodies substantial risk. These pilfered email addresses lay the foundation for potential identity theft and phishing expeditions, underscoring the enduring peril that such breaches pose to digital citizens and entities alike. This stark revelation serves as a timely reminder of the imperative need to bolster cybersecurity measures in a world characterized by an increasing reliance on digital transactions.

A Screenshot of the data can be found below:

Company Data Breach History

Fortunately,’s digital history has remained devoid of any previous security breaches. However, the occurrence of this breach, however minuscule in comparison to its counterparts, imparts a stern reminder that no digital domain is immune to the lurking dangers of the internet.

Recommendations for Personal Data Protection

How Users Can Protect Their Information

To protect their personal information and accounts from being compromised, users should take the following steps:

– Change their passwords frequently, with a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

– Enable two-factor authentication whenever possible.

– Use unique passwords for each account, to prevent hackers from accessing multiple accounts with the same password.

– Be cautious of suspicious emails or messages, as they may contain phishing links that can compromise their accounts.

– Regularly monitor their accounts for any suspicious activity.

What is InsecureWeb?

InsecureWeb is a Dark Web monitoring service that keeps track of recent data breaches and tracks their impact by monitoring the darkest places of the internet.

Our commitment lies in providing top-notch cybersecurity services to our clients. Through continuous monitoring of the dark web and advanced threat detection methodologies, we strive to identify potential breaches promptly, enabling swift response and mitigation efforts. With our state-of-the-art tools and expertise, we prioritize the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our clients’ data.