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INSECUREWEB is a Digital Attack Surface Analysis (DASA) application available as a SaaS that delivers Dark Web Monitoring for businesses, live Dark web scans, Typo Squatting, and email security.

The leading service resides in the Dark Web Monitoring, which allows monitoring domains, personal email addresses, phone numbers, usernames, IPs, and personal data. Also, every time that INSECUREWEB detects security breaches for your organization(s), you will receive a notification to your login email account.

Let’s see how to use INSECUREWEB:

Guide To Learn How To Use INSECUREWEB To Monitor Your Organization On The Dark Web

  1. Dark Web Monitoring for businesses.
  2. Live Dark web scans.

Dark Web Monitoring For Businesses

First of all, to start monitoring your organization(s) with INSECUREWEB, you need to add all the information associated with it.

In the main window or Dark Web / Organizations menu, add your Organization by clicking on the New Organization button.

Then, complete all the required information in the following steps.

how to use INSECUREWEB
  1. Organization details (Organization name and description. Click on Continue.)
  2. Domain Settings.  (You can add one or more domains or you can upload a CSV file with a single column with no header that includes the domains.)
  3. IP address (Add one by one all your business IP addresses or upload a CSV file with a single column with no header that includes the IPs.)

Note: If you are interested in only monitoring your domain and IPs, click on the Finish button. Click on Continue if you want to monitor additional info such as usernames, personal emails, and phone numbers.

  1. Usernames. ( Track your usernames by adding each one or uploading a CSV file with a single column with no header that includes the usernames.)
  2. Personal Emails. ( You can add managers’ personal emails or specific employees that you want to monitor. You can also add the email addresses by uploading a CSV file.)

Note: This option is only for personal emails. INSECUREWEB solution automatically monitors all the emails associated with the added domains. 

  1. Phone number settings. (Add one or more phone numbers or upload a CSV file with a single column with no header that includes the phone numbers.)
  2. Completed. (In this step, you can review the Pricing Table associated with your services according to days, rate per day, and amount.)

Note: Once you have completed all the steps, INSECUREWEB will display all your company’s compromised information on the Dark Web associated with the domains, personal emails, IPs, usernames, and phones monitored. 

INSECUREWEB Dark Web Monitoring

If you click on a specific organization name, you will see all its details.

Organization Breaches on the Dark Web - INSECUREWEB

Live Dark web scans

In the Dark Web / Live Search menu, you can do breaches live scan associated with the domain, personal email, IP address, personal phone, name, username, password, and address.

Use INSECUREWEB for breaches live scan

Note: INSECUREWEB allows you to view the information over time or custom the time range. For it, click on the Calendar icon. Also, you can export the info of the breaches scan by clicking the Export to CSV button


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