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What Is Dark Web Monitoring?  

Dark web monitoring is a service that tracks and finds compromised credentials, stolen information, financial records, intellectual property, and other leaked sensitive data exposed to sale on the dark web through threat intelligence dark web monitoring tools that notify organizations when their information is found on the dark web. 

How Does Organization Personal Information Arrive On The Dark Web? 

Often employees are not aware of the risk of reusing their business’s credentials on third-party websites. Suppose these third parties get compromised by cyber-attacks. In that case, the bad actors can steal their databases and package all the personal information they stole from an organization(s) and sell it. 

Most of the personal data for sale on the dark web is obtained through social engineering, phishing, malware, data breaches, or any combination of these methods. 

Why Use a Dark Web Monitoring Service?

 Organizations that include within their security strategy a dark web monitoring service can:  

  • Finding out if they have been breached or finding indicators that they are likely to be breached.  
  • Alerting when their data appears on the dark web. 
  • Classify risks from unknown sources.  
  • Speeding cyber threat hunting and developing a more comprehensive understanding of attackers and their methods. 
  • Faster incident response to mitigate threats as rapidly as possible. 
  • Integrating the collected data into another security platform to develop more accurate insights from the entire security stack. 

How INSECUREWEB’s service can help you with Dark Web Monitoring? 

INSECUREWEB is a Digital Attack Surface Analysis platform designed to protect you from malicious external actors. This platform delivers dark web monitoring and complete online website security. However, its leading service resides in the Dark Web monitoring, which allows monitoring domains, personal email addresses, phone numbers, user names, IPs, and personal data.   

The particularities of  Dark Web Monitoring are: 

  • Scans the dark web continuously for compromised account credentials, stolen information, and financial records to alert you if something suspicious is detected. 
  • Identifies cybersquatting threats to specific companies or domains, such as phishing campaigns, Domain squatting, etc., and alerts you. 
  • Checks the mail servers listed in a domain’s MX records for STARTTLS support and evaluates SPF/DMARC records set in a domain’s DNS.  

The particularities of Complete Website Security are: 

  • Detects exposed credentials online to help prevent you and those in your digital footprint from being susceptible to targeted attacks. 
  • Protects against insider threats can damage an organization’s bottom line due to privileged access or the sale of breached data. 
  • Detect as quickly as possible if your organization has been mentioned as a target in Ransomware Dump Site Listings. 


Remember that digital credentials (usernames/passwords) connect your company employees to critical business applications and online services. Unfortunately, criminals know this, and that’s why digital credentials are among the most valuable assets found on the dark web. As an organization, you need dark web scan/monitoring services to protect your data from getting compromised. In this way, you can detect and mitigate some potential cyber threats.