Category: Data Breach News

What happens when a company experiences a significant data breach due to behavior on the dark web or anything else?

Well, it can’t be good. Business leaders and others with skin in the game are looking very carefully at cybersecurity techniques and methods because of the massive risk that comes from an enormous global community of hackers. 

Call them black hats or whatever you want – there are a lot of threats out there just around the corner. Many of them use the dark web to congregate or collaborate.  

Here’s some of what happened just this year already that’s giving security people and enterprises heartburn. 

In March, AT&T reported 9 million wireless accounts had information accessed in an unauthorized way. This data breach happened through a marketing services vendor, as reported across the web, and hackers were able to access information like:

  • Names
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers

While the hackers didn’t get more in-depth financial information like Social Security numbers, they got enough to flag this in the company’s warning system, and the result was splashed across tech media. That’s a big black eye for a telecom company with a long and storied history in communications!

Then there’s the chicken – in the same month, Chick-fil-A reported a credential-stuffing cyberattack that happened late last year and early in 2023.

Over 71,000 accounts were compromised, and hackers got sensitive financial data, sending a shiver down the spine of anyone guarding this information. 

More Telecom Hacks

T-Mobile in January had over 40 million customers exposed in a breach that happened through a vendor!

Here, the hackers did get Social Security numbers and drivers’ license data, so T-Mobile has had to offer free credit reporting services to customers.

Catching a Ride

In ride-sharing news, Uber and Uber Eats had a disgruntled employee contribute to an insider threat attack that others used for phishing and social engineering work. That illustrates the “recruitment attack” or other collaborative scenario that cybersec pros often tout as a main danger to firms. 

What do all of these have in common? Well, they inspire fear in the hearts of CEOs and others with similar clearance.

They also illustrate how important it is to keep your business data safe online.

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